Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons. They want to lose fat. They hope to gain muscle mass. They want to ready themselves for the summer season. They want to train for a specific sport. But, ultimately, they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. In our experience we have found that no two members are alike.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our member success stories below.


I have been at CrossFit Tigard PAW for over three years, and after visiting some other CrossFit gyms, I can overwhelmingly say that not all crossfit boxes are created equal, and that especially goes for the coaching as well! I have a giant appreciation for our incredible, well educated coaches, for the space we get to train in, for the equipment we get to use. I appreciate the knowledge and mindfulness that goes into how we warm up, mobilize, how the coaches tirelessly drill with pvc pipes, that they never stop teaching and correcting to keep us as safe and injury free as possible – all while fostering a sense of community and fun! I am so thankful to be at PAW!


I joined CrossFIT PAW about 5 months ago and have loved that decision ever since! If you’re looking for knowledgeable trainers, motivating workouts, a variety of fitness equipment/exercises, and a supportive/inspiring workout community, then CrossFIT PAW is the gym for you! IF your goal is lose weight, add muscle, or to simply just get in shape, you will not regret joining the CrossFIT PAW family.


I have tried two other Crossfit gyms before I found Crossfit Paw last October. The tone and vibe in Crossfit PAW is different than any other gym I have been before. The coaches are there to support us every step of the way and their guidance is around not only getting in great shape but most importantly keeping us all safe and coming back. The nutrition support, coaching, feedback, and encouragement are great and I could not be happier with the results. I feel better, I look better and I am stronger than I have been in 15 years. I recommend Crossfit Paw for anyone, at any fitness level, who wants to be healthier and be around genuinely great people. See you at the gym!


I have been going to Paw Fitness for about 8 months. I had been a dedicated couch potato until then. Since that time I have managed to lose about three pants sizes and lose about 35 pounds. the staff is friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Not only will you work out better but you will eat better too. I feel better now than I did ten years ago. This gym is suitable for everybody. I would recommend this CrossFit gym to anyone willing to work at fitness


I really enjoy working out at PAW Fitness. Great, well rounded programming and coaching. The gym is very clean and lots of equipment (toys). I feel that the gm is well balanced in terms of the variety of folks that attend. From hard core to just starting. One of the things I like is that no matter where you are in your fitness the coaches promote a supportive but work hard environment. You will be pushed and work harder then you ever have but it will not be beyond our capacity. I love how much my body has change and how strong I am.


I am new to CrossFit and over 60, so was very nervous about joining. I do both personal training with PJ and also go to some classes. Both PJ and Ben are great at adapting CrossFit
to all levels of fitness and the camaraderie among everyone working out is great!


CrossFit is the best work out program I have ever been a part of. PJ at PAW CrossFit has been an incredible coach working with each and every person individually to modify each exercise to our skill level. I recommend PJ & PAW CrossFit to anyone!


I live in Portland but I go here after work because it’s a great gym. A great place for people of all levels. Beginner classes if you are starting. Emphasis on good form. Welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The coaches are well trained athletes in excellent condition, and also friendly people with a great sense of humor. HIGHLY recommend.


CrossFit PAW was just what I needed to take my work-outs to the next level. I had been a member of 24 hr fitness for 10+ years and honestly enjoyed their classes about 3 times a week . 24 lacked the intensity, motivation, variety, education and support. I now get all these things from CrossFit PAW and am seeing great results in my physical fitness. The coaches are always there to motivate me and help me get to the next level. It is worth every penny as it is an investment in my physical health!


The entire time I was at Crossfit P.A.W. i loved it. Crossfit is an amazing sport, but the people you train with make all the difference. The coaches at P.A.W. are incredibly supportive and very knowledgeable, a top priority is safety and form. After moving out of Portland I realized how spoiled I had been at P.A.W. Not every Crossfit box is going to foster your growth the way that this one does. Plus the people are super fun! I barely recognized myself after 3 months of a hard work, I’m hooked on CrossFit and am so thankful for all of the good habits I formed, and inspiring people I met while training at P.A.W.


I have been going to Crossfit PAW for the past 7 months now and I have loved my experience there! I have always been a runner, but have lacked strength and have been intimidated to lift weights and Crossfit PAW has increased my strength tremendously. I am not only a stronger and faster runner but an overall fitter individual. the trainers at this gym are exceptional and provide individual attention to help you reach your goals and the gym has very friendly vibe.


I’ve been at CrossFit PAW for about 8 months now, and through the encouragement and instruction of the outstanding coaches, I have seen fantastic results. I have been able to achieve every weight loss, body fat and strength training goal I had established for myself when I started, and then some! Throw in the sense of community at CrossFit PAW, and I couldn’t ask for a better experience.


Most inclusive and well coached gym I’ve ever been to.