Personal Progress Coaching

CrossFit Tigard Personal Progress Coaching

Combine Personalized 1-on-1 Guidance with Group Training to Maximize your Results.

  • Accelerate Your Skill Development
  • Improve Accountability and Adherence
  • Increase Your Confidence in Training
  • Improve Eating Habits
  • Set Goals, Track, and Assess your Progress

Measure – Train – Reinforce


In order to know where you need to improve, we will first assess where you are currently and what areas you wish to make improvements. Progress Coaching incorporates assessment of class attendance, nutrition, body composition, behaviors, and performance to identify your needs and keep you on the right path.


After we have determined the areas that are in need of improvement, the remainder of your session will be tailored to those needs. The time could be spent in the gym teaching and practicing a technical movement, it could be guiding you through a conditioning workout and working on breathing, pacing, or mental toughness. Or it could be spent in the office discussing priorities and habits to help with accountability, nutrition, understanding and how to optimize your time in group workouts.


Improvement doesn’t happen overnight and it takes repetition and reinforcement. We will help you set short term and long term goals and assign homework/objectives. We will continue to meet once or twice per month for reinforcement, accountability, and developing new goals as your previous ones are achieved.
Our goal is to develop a Coach for Life.

Who is Personal Progress Coaching (PPC) for?

You will benefit from PPC program if:

  • You would like to improve or achieve a particular movement or skill
  • You struggle with regular class attendance and accountability
  • You want the fastest results possible
  • You struggle with goal setting or motivation
  • You would like to increase confidence navigating our group classes
  • You simply want a friend who has your back!



  • 2-60 minute One-on-One Progress Coaching Sessions per Month
  • 1 InBody Scan Per Month
  • Includes Unlimited Class Membership
  • Includes Additional Open Gym Access
  • $285/mo (3 month minimum)


  • 1-60 minute One-on-One Progress Coaching Session per Month
  • 1 InBody Scan Per Quarter
  • Includes Unlimited Class Membership
  • Includes Additional Open Gym Access
  • $220/mo (3 month minimum)

Success Stories

“My experience with personal training has been essential for my Crossfit experience. Spending the extra time one on one has helped with my technique and figuring out strategy specific to my mobility. I have learned is that there is always a way to modify techniques to my mobility and strength abilities. While coaches in class spend as much time as they can helping each person, I love spending an entire hour one of one with my personal coach. Together we choose which lift to work on for my overall goals (and based on which parts of my body are in the best working order on that day). I am excited for the new program with increased accountability and tracking of my progress.”


“I thought I knew everything I needed about nutrition, but I was wrong. PJ is a true expert and helped me reach weight goals that I didn’t even know were possible. I managed to shake off those last few pounds that never want to leave. It came with hard work, but was so much easier with PJs programming and support.”


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