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28 Day Nutrition Challenge

28 Day Nutrition Challenge! CHALLENGE DATES: August 18th – Sept 15th Includes: Challenge Nutrition Class — Learn Nutrition Basics from Our Nutrition Experts. Weekly Meal Planning Templates — Take the guess work out of what to eat by following our 6-week meal plan-complete with grocery lists, recipes, and more great info. Before/After Measurements — Precisely …
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Handstand Pushup Workshop – Sept 25th

Join us for an awesome 90 Minute Workshop to improve your Handstand Pushups Technique (and strength). Led by CrossFit Tigard Coach, Jess Cone.   Tues, Sept 25th, 630pm-8pm. Registration: CrossFit Tigard Members: $15 Guests: $15    CROSSFIT TIGARD MEMBER REGISTRATION: CLICK HERE GUEST REGISTRATION: CLICK HERE  

4th Of July Workout and Barbecue

You are invited to join us on the 4th for a Mer’Kan Workout followed by Barbecue. Schedule 10am – Workout (all levels; this will be the only class we are open for on the 4th) **at CF Tigard 1pm – Barbecue – Potluck (food signup below) **at 6110 SW Taylor’s Ferry Road, Portland OR, 97219 …
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Snatch Clinic – May 29th

Join us for 90 Minutes of Focus on Snatch and Overhead Squat Technique with Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Missy Franco.   Tues, May 29th, 630pm-8pm. Registration: $25 Registration.   Being coached by someone experienced in competing and coaching at a national level in Weightlifting is one of the best opportunities to improve your lifts. This is …
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6 Lessons in Motivation: Doing work on Your Goals

Do the work.  92% of people don’t accomplish their goals. Otherwise we’d all be rich and have six packs, right? We might start off with a fervor, but before long we hit turbulence, get distracted, or move on to something else. Despite our best intentions, willpower IS an exhaustible resource. Without a solid action plan, goals …
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Murph Prep Course

Prepare to Rock Murph with our 4-week Murph Prep Course.   For the average Crossfitter there are two events that can be relied upon during their training year: The Open and Murph. “Murph” Run 1 Mile 100 Pullups 200 Pushups 300 Squats Run 1 Mile *Wear a weight vest if you have one Wait … …
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