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100% Guilt Free Paleo Thanksgiving Day

So, here’s a crazy idea, how about hosting a 100% Paleo Thanksgiving this year? That’s right, from breakfast all the way through to the evening feast.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot the past couple of years.  I’m so tired of overeating on processed/refined foods that cause the worst stomachache ever.  The Paleo lifestyle …
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CrossFit Competitors, Where To Start?

You’ve put in the hours, you’ve grunted through the girls, the heroes, the strength and skill days.  Now you want to see where you are at.  The desire to compete is natural and healthy.  There is a CrossFit competition almost every weekend depending on how far you are willing to travel.  Every competition is a …
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Zombie Or Survivor

CrossFit P.A.W. is a Sponsor for the Zombie Apocalypse Run. We will have a booth at the event and will be holding fun and challenging Zombie Apocalypse Prep Classes leading up to the event. On the trail your Zombie survival skills will be tested; Survivors get a 2 minute head start and then we unleash …
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31 Heroes – Always A Good Time

Our 31 heroes benefit was a great success.  We had an awesome turnout and raised over $1,000 for families of fallen soldiers.  Start getting your game face on for next year!  

CrossFit Nutrition Class May 18th, 2013

Mark you calendars.  CrossFit P.A.W. will be hosting a nutrition class where you can Discuss nutrition and eating behaviors with our Registered and Licensed Dietitian and Board Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Phil Menagh. Topics to be discussed: -The state of modern nutrition -Best food choices for wellness, health, and body composition -Eating patterns and meal planning …
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Ninja Training

What your coaches do between classes … ignore the dance at the beginning, you weren’t supposed to see our secret “moves”.