Sunday, May 31st 2020

A. General
8min Easy run, nose breathing
20 straight leg front to back swings/leg
20 straight leg side to side swings/leg

B. Mobility
Standing straddle forward fold 60s
Standing quad pull 30s/30s
-Squeeze the glute to increase hip flexor range

C. Specific
ABC drills 50ft x 2 on each

Metcon (Distance)
Run, Endurance

10mins @RPE 6
2mins rest
20mins @RPE 7
2mins rest
30mins @ RPE 8-9

Athlete: Time your efforts in 10min splits, the goal is each 10min window we are getting faster. The key is to leave enough room for this to happen. So if the first 10mins we cover a certain distance, we should cover more ground each and every 10mins that we are running. This is best done on a track or running on a loop that is 1km or less.