Have you met Mauri?

We had the opportunity to take a moment outside of the WOD and get to know one more of our amazing family members. The gift of belonging to this gym just keeps on giving. When you see Mauri, set up a coffee date – this short interview doesn’t even touch her full story! Thank you Mauri for being yourself and sharing, and for being a part of this family!

– By Robin (of Loxley) D.

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Learn more about Mauri …

What first caught your interest about CrossFit?

I have always been an active person, but I have never had something that has routinely challenged me to push myself mentally and physically. Everyday there is something new at CrossFit to learn and to master, and I have fallen in love with that variety.

What were your first impressions?

My first impression was it looked awesome. I also felt a bit overwhelmed – like walking in to a classroom for the first time as a child. I was nervous yet excited – and now it’s like a second home!

You just got your first bar muscle up (in less than a year) what was your secret?

“I like to challenge myself, so I pick some movements that I have difficulties doing and work on them daily. I’ve learned I have to ask questions (lots) and slow down to learn the progression before even getting close to learning the full movement. When I first joined, I was quite intimidated and shy, but as the desire to advance grew, I began to ask questions and step outside of my comfort zone. This is where the pay off began; learning from multiple people and listening. I not only learned more about the movements, but I have also made great friends in the process.

What is your proudest achievement since starting at CrossFit Tigard?

My proudest achievement is inspiring my family to make healthier choices. My family is my world, and to know they have noticed [my progress] and have been inspired to move more and eat healthier is all I could have ever asked for. It keeps me motivated to push harder during WODs and ensure I’m well fueled through good nutrition.

In what ways has your family followed your example?

My dad expressed he wants to move more, so now I get up at 4:30 a.m. and go over to walk with him before work. Recently he bought a bike so we can go further and add hills as I run beside him. To see this change in them means volumes to me. What would you like to say to potential CrossFitters and others at our gym?

What’s your favorite part about training at CrossFit Tigard?

CrossFit, this gym, and these people who have taught me more than I ever could have imagined. I feel so humbled and honored every day that I am here to see people push past mental and physical obstacles they thought they couldn’t or be happy they PRed in something they have been working towards for sometime. I have learned so much not only about working out and movements, but I have learned about what it takes to keep going, about friendships, about stepping out of my comfort zone and the reward that follows as a result.

How else have your impressions changed over time?

The environment is safe, and the fear of being judged quickly dissipated. I’ve noticed changes within me to step out of my shell have even evolved to areas of my life outside of the gym. I feel so honored to be in an environment surrounded by people I can learn so much from, and where we are all in it together and have a common goal to push ourselves to our max. We all have something to learn, and we have great coaches and a community where we can feel safe to be ourselves and grow together.

What advice would you give to someone getting started or improving their fitness?

Just keep asking questions and try your best! Get to know those around you. People are so much more than what meets the eye! I think I’ve come to realize the little things really pay off in the long run, like showing up to the gym a little early or staying afterwards to work on a few movements (10-15 minutes really makes a difference), or I even do things at home like 100 of something – push ups or sit ups. Even watching videos on YouTube, I believe has really helped me advance and learn techniques. Also, give it your all, changes are not going to happen overnight, but in time it is rewarding to experience the progress. Don’t be afraid of the change, embrace it day by day and watch how your positivity grows, your strength, your mind, and friendships all grow! 🙂

Closing Thoughts …

Almost all of us who have been at CrossFit Tigard for at least a few weeks have experienced some difference in our lives, in one form or another. The personal growth goes beyond just the physical, and as the creator of CrossFit, Greg Glassman says, “The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.” It has the ability to touch every aspect of your life; increasing your positivity, confidence, and mental fortitude by pushing past fears and boundaries you never thought possible. And, last but most definitely not least, the community becomes your family.