Have you met Morgan?

Morgan has been a member since 2012 and continues to improvement and find new goals to work towards.

She just recently quit the corporate world and started a Music Academy in Tigard!

She see’s parallels between music and CrossFit because both require dedication to learning technique; and if you focus on mastering the fundamentals, you can take what you learn and move through the world with confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. 

Learn more about Morgan …

When/Why did you first come to CrossFit Tigard?

I joined Crossfit Tigard in…2012?  I saw PJ do a demo for the Chamber of Commerce on the practical focus of the workouts: lifting groceries, children, furniture etc.  As a practical person, that really appealed to me!  I’ve been coming regularly (3-5x/week) for the last 2 1/2 years or so.

What’s your favorite memory since starting?

The first time coach PJ really loaded up my bar during a class. I didn’t understand what I was capable of until he significantly increased the weight I lifted…and I still got it!

What is the next thing you are going to accomplish with your fitness?

MUSCLE UP BABY.  It’s time.

What is something most people at the gym wouldn’t know about you?

This year I quit my corporate job and started a music academy!  I opened for business in July.  My business facebook is facebook.com/zeitgeistacademy, check it out!

What’s your favorite aspect of running your music academy?

When you pour everything into something you believe in and people respond, it’s incredible.  Helping someone understand a concept and start to own their musical experience (especially adults), is really rewarding!  And I love being able to listen to people’s feedback and build the business around what serves the community.  I love the nimbleness of small business!

Do you see any parallels between crossfit and music?

ABSOLUTELY, 150%, not even a question!!!  They both rely on dedication to technical exercises to express something deeper: a need to move, a need to create.  Burpees may not be fun but they make you better at everything else.  Scales may not be fun but they help you when you go to make beautiful music.  In both cases you are able to  take what you learn and move through the world with confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. 

What tips would you give to someone just starting fitness?

Get your head in the game.  My world changed when Ben gave us a particularly intense lecture on mindset.  He was cutting weight and had less patience for unfocused, sloppy work.  It was awesome!  When you DECIDE that for one hour you go into tunnel vision where all you care about is being your best, most perfect and dedicated version of yourself, your progress spikes quickly and you get a lot more out of your workouts…and take it into the rest of your life too!