Have you met Damon?

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Damon. Damon has been a member at CrossFit Tigard for 3.5 years and typically trains at noon. He loves the mental and physical challenge of CrossFit training. He is fitter in his 40s than he was in his 30s as a result of his steady, patient training.

His advice? Watch extra videos on skills and spend time outside of class working on mobility and recovery.

Next time you see Damon at the gym, say hello!


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How long have you been training at CrossFit Tigard?

Three and a half years.

Proudest moment in past 3 to 6 months?

I got my first muscle up last week. I got 1. And then 2. And then 3 in a row. All in the same day.

What  helped you get your first muscle up?

I got really good at bar muscle ups and watched a lot of videos. As I got stronger, I would jump on the rings every once in awhile and give it a try.

What  do you want to accomplish next?

Double Unders. I hate them. I have a hard time with the rhythm.

What’s your favorite part about training?

The workouts are tough but fun. For a lot of us, this is the only place we can truly push ourselves mentally and physically to our limits.

What did you do for training before starting CrossFit?

I wouldn’t call it training. I was training at a basic gym. I would do the treadmill. Do some machines. I wasn’t seeing results. I thought “what am I doing here”.

What caught your interest about CrossFit Tigard?

A friend of mine from college posted a video of them doing a gymnastics movement on rings. I thought, “If he can do it. I should be able to do it too”. I wanted to be in better shape going in to my 40s.  I searched around the web and looked at different gyms and chose CrossFit Tigard because it’s coaches had the best backgrounds and level of training.

What do you remember about getting started?

It was tough. I remember I would be out of breath during the warmup. I remember thinking. “and we haven’t even started the ‘workout’?!”

Any advice for someone just getting started?

Spend time outside the gym on mobility and recovery. Improving ankle and hip mobility has helped me to hit bigger weights with better position on the front and overhead squat.

Favorite Mobility Resource?

MobilityWOD on Youtube and the Supple Leopard book.