Have you met Justine?

Justine typically works out in the evening classes. She has competed in the Waste Water Olympics and was a Mathlete as a child. As an adult, she has recently doubled her lifetime best squat from college.

Justine aims to find balance in life and encourages others to make time to play outside the gym in addition to their workouts.


Learn more about Justine …

What do you do for work?

Process Control Analyst at Waste Water Plant.

What is something most people at the gym don’t know about you?

I was on a math game show called Square One Television when I was younger. I ended up getting so nervous about public speaking that they took me off stage. What caught your interest about trying CrossFit?

What inspired you to come in to our gym?

The gym my friend was training at closed and we decided to try CrossFit together.

What do you remember from your first workout?

It was a squat day and when the coach asked, I told him that my lifetime best squat was 95 lbs when I was lifting in college. Coach told me that if I trained here I would far exceed that.

Have you beat your College Squat yet?

Yes! It’s about 190 now.

There was a day recently when we were lifting and my partners kept telling me that my form was good and I could do more. So we kept adding weight. I ended up PRing (personal record) by 20+ pounds on that day alone.

What is the next goal you want to work on?

To get better at Toes to Bar. I’ve been able to do 3. Not 3 in a row. 3 Total. I signed up for the gymnastics workshop to get some more practice.

Advice for someone just getting started?

Find moderation and balance and make time to play outside the gym. 3 to 4 CrossFit workouts per week is enough for me to maintain interest without overdoing it.

I have a 30 mile weekend backpacking trip coming up. I am interested to see how well I do now that I have been training here.