Have you met Leslie?

She’s a regular at the 9am and has been training with us for just under a year. Through training she has seen improvements in her strength, immune system, and has been able to enjoy longer days skiing at the mountain.

She was a runner before joining and just like the rest of us, she was sore after her first workout! Her advice is to take things one workout at a time and draw on your coaches and classmates for support.

Next time you see her at the gym, say hello!

Learn more about Leslie …

What did you do for fitness before Crossfit

I did running, swimming and biking. I’ve have completed 3 marathons and 1 sprint triathlon.

What was your first workout, how did it go?

My first workout was a New You Challenge workout on August 15th, 2016 with Coach Brad. It went well, I remember being very sore and not feeling good for the first week because it was also a Paleo challenge.

What changes have you seen in your health and fitness since starting?

I just feel better overall and I didn’t get sick this winter. I am excited about muscles becoming toned and defined. I was also able to ski for 5 days one week and not be totally worn out…yay for squats!

Favorite movement?

My favorite movement for weightlifting is probably deadlifts. For gymnastics, my favorite is pistols because I can actually do them!

Least Favorite Movement?

My least favorite movement was overhead squats until recently when I finally felt comfortable doing them during a workout. I’m still not a huge fan of burpees :-).

Favorite Cheat Meal?

My favorite cheat meal is fish and chips at Corbett Fish House…they are wheat free!

Any advice for someone getting started?

Try not to be intimidated by all the new language, movements, etc. Just take it one workout at a time and ask questions! Crossfit Tigard is a very welcoming place for new members, I am so appreciative of all the support and encouragement from the coaches and everyone I have the pleasure of working out with each day.