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The Most Effective Fitness Programs Are Founded on a Base of Sound Nutrition

The amounts, timing, and types of foods we choose throughout the day have powerful impacts on our body composition, health, recovery from exercise, blood sugars, heart health, focus at work, performance, and more. 

Exercise alone without an intentional focus on diet result in improvements in strength, conditioning, and fitness, but almost never results in the body composition changes you are after.  Simply put, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. 

About Our Dietitian

Phil Menagh (PJ) completed  his Dietetic Internship through the US Air Force in 2008 and went on to work as the Nutrition Programs Manager for Ramstein Airbase (Germany), and then Chief Of Clinical Dietetics, Eglin Air Force Base Hospital, and Wellness Consultant for Wellness FX.  He has worked in outpatient, community and clinical nutrition, in addition to earning a Board Specialty in Sports Nutrition. He enjoys working with people who are driven to improve and strive to work with each individual to forge a plan based on their history, goals, lifestyle, and food preferences. 

The CrossFit Tigard PAW Nutrition Coaching Process

Our Nutrition Coaching Programs are extremely interactive.  You will NOT simply get a meal plan and then be left to your own devices.  You will first go through a thorough fact finding stage to truly understand where you are at now, where you would like to go, what has (and hasn’t) worked for you in the past, and any other special needs or considerations you may have.  Your meal plan template will then be customized uniquely for you based on sound scientific dieting principles.  You will then work with our dietitian to fully understand how to implement your meal plan.  Throughout your first 4-13 weeks (depending on the program you choose) you will have the opportunity to check in with our Dietitian each week for progress tracking, troubleshooting, and support.  If you aren’t on track with your goals, we will adjust your calories, macronutrients, timing, and provide other support to dial your plan in just for you.  After your Kickstart or Transformation program, you will have the opportunity to graduate into ongoing nutrition coaching, where you will continue to check in with our dietitian and receive support, adjustment, and fine tuning as your dietary needs and behaviors change over time. 

Our Nutrition Coaching Programs


175 for 1 month

Questionnaire: History/Goals/Preferences

15 Minute Phone Assessment

Personalized Meal Plan Template

15 Minute Consult To Explain Template

Check-Ins For First 4 Weeks

Your meal plan will be adjusted based on your progress over the first 4 weeks.

**Graduate to ongoing coaching: 75/month


275 for 3 months

Questionnaire: History/Goals/Preferences

30 Minutes In-Person Assessment Including Baseline Body Composition Measurements

Personalized Meal Plan Template

15 Minute Consult to Explain Template

Check-Ins For First 13 Weeks

Final Measurements

Your meal plan will be adjusted based on your progress over the first 13 weeks.

**Graduate to ongoing coaching: 75/month

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